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Solo Exhibitions

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#5 Sol LeWitt Studio (USA) | Irene Barberis: Choreographing Colour, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne


#4 Irene Barberis: A Response to Sol LeWitt’s Italian Studios, curated by Milos Zahradka Maiorana, Tibaldi Contemporanea Gallery , Rome, Italy


#1 Studio Exhibition: Sol LeWitt Studio, Chester Connecticut, USA

#2 A Response to Sol LeWitt’S Studio; Variations and Compositions, SACI Gallery, New York, USA.

The Tapestry of Light, Museum of the Bible, Washington DC.

#3 Studio Exhibition/Mahler LeWitt Studios, Spoleto, Italy


...and then...,TransitionsLangford120, Melbourne
Psychochoreography: a confluence of thinking, Irene Barberis & Adrian L Page (curator I Barberis), Langford120, Melbourne
Who’s afraid…?  Irene Barberis / Wilma Tabacco, Ellipsis Gallery, Langford120, Melbourne


Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination, Brussels Cathedral, Belgium
Tapestry Of Light: Intersections of Illumination, Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, UK
Wall Drawing –Langford120, Melbourne


Re Forming the Line: blow, cut, melt, Langford120, Melbourne
Illuminating configurations, The Bury Art Museum, United Kingdom


All I wanted was the cut space pinned to the wall, Langford120, Melbourne
Vision du Ciel, Langford120, Melbourne


Lines of Thought #3, Langford120, Melbourne, Australia

Revelation /Apocalypse, Visual Arts Centre, Latrobe University, Bendigo, Victoria


Apocalypse/ Re Looking 1996 – 2012, Langford120, Melbourne, Australia


First Breath Last Breath; Breathe, an installation with Mike Parr, Bury Museum and Art Gallery, Manchester, UK.

The Tapestry of Light; The Art & Science of Illumination and the Photon; an installation with Professor David Mainwaring, Gallery Tashkeel, Dubai and Sharjah  UAE


Apocalypse: Seven Histories in Futures, International Arc Biennale, Brisbane 2009

Apocalypse: Room of Light, SOAG RMIT University, Melbourne

Writings on the Wall, Space Delawab, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Writings on the Wall 2, DrawingSpace, Melbourne

Tapestry of Light, Victorian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia


Drawing Revelation – Slow Release and Pink Mesh Holes , Project Space, Down Time, RMIT, Melbourne

Installation: Rubber Constructions, JDMF. ECA Studio, Chicago, USA


Lux In Tenebris Lucet: with Godwin Bradbeer, SOAG, RMIT University, Melbourne

20,000 Colours: The Artistic Gene;, Four Generations of Women, Albury City Museum and Library, NSW


Room of breath, Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney

Breath; skin; light: Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris

Splats : four foil dresses and a pink cross /END frieze - Atelier show, Cite Internationale des Arts


Set of verbs/ visions and dreams, Square Gallery, RMIT City Campus Melbourne

Barberis from Lewitt, Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney


Lightlines; a Kinaesthetic Experience: reflections from the Frankston Public Art Project, in conjunction with Steve Wright, of Steensen Varming Pty. Ltd. Span Gallery, Melbourne                  

Lineage of Light: Reading Wheels, Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney

Crosses Stars + Circles, Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland

Don't Take my Breath Away #6 plastique, Salle 3A, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

Cut it Out! It’s a Wonderful World, Salle B, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

Line of thought #2, Atelier 8113, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris France


#4 plastique: pink, Helen Maxwell Gallery, ACT

#5 plastique: specula, Span Galleries, Melbourne


Plastique with S!X designers, Span Galleries, Melbourne

Breath - Four Corners, Artists Commune, Contemporary Gallery, Hong Kong


October Paintings – 2001, compositional fragmentation / reflected everyday, Gallery Three, Span Galleries, Melbourne

Breakdown of Space and the Build up of Colour 1978 – 2001, Built Pictures, SPAN Galleries, Melbourne


Abstract and Figurative Elements of the Apocalypse and its Representations:

    Gallery One: Abstract and Figurative Elements of the Apocalypse, Span Galleries, Melbourne

    Gallery Two: Mosaics, Manuscripts, End Signs and Equations, Span Galleries, Melbourne

    Gallery Three: Windows and Wood Cuts, Span Galleries, Melbourne

    Gallery Four: Emblems and Allegories, Span Galleries, Melbourne

    Gallery Five: Reading Revelation and Glow in the Dark Wall Drawing (taped work)Span Galleries, Melbourne
    Factory / Studio Space: A:Polymerous Still Life; 2,000 sq. ft, Span Galleries, Melbourne

    Front Space: Info - Overflow + Aftermath, Span Galleries, Melbourne

    Apocalypse Circles, St. John's Southbank, Melbourne


Star Painting, From the Apocalypse, Figurative and Abstract Elements, Victoria University Gallery, Melbourne

Saying it with Flowers, with Wilma Tabacco, RMIT Gallery, Storey Hall, Melbourne

Saying it with Flowers, with Wilma Tabacco, Albury Regional Art Gallery, Albury, NSW           

Saying it with Flowers, with Wilma Tabacco, The University Gallery, University of Tasmania, Launceston, Tasmania

Saying it with Flowers, with Wilma Tabacco, Geelong Regional Art Gallery, Geelong, Victoria

Saying it with Flowers, with Wilma Tabacco, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Ballarat, Victoria


Saying it with Flowers (Wilma Tabacco), Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Adelaide

Apocalypse Circle Series, and Ten Black Flowers, Linden Gallery, Melbourne


Red Horse / Revealed Geometry, Westpac Gallery, Melbourne

Line of Thought, Victoria University, Victoria University Gallery


Charpentes, Latrobe Street Gallery, Melbourne


The Spiritual and the Mundane - Aspects of Scripture in the Modern World:

    Space One: Symbols and Types, Heavenly Jerusalem, (wall drawing), Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne

    Space Two: The Spiritual and the Mundane, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne

    Space Three: Wheels Within Wheels, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne

    Space Four: Separated Gatherings, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne

    Transitional Installation: Micrography / Ten Pieces, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne


These Women - Where Honour's Due, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne


Recent Paintings, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne

Geometer God, Luba Bilu – wall and window work, Melbourne


2 No. Plans, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne

Wall Drawing, Build a picture milk cartons, Room Four, Linden, St Kilda Arts Centre, Melbourne


Miniatures, From The Douce Apocalypse, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne


Transitions; Angels lifting still lives into heaven – figurative and abstract constructions, United Artists, Melbourne

Building Pictures: Ritz St Kilda – Majestic Studios, St Kilda

1983- 1984   

Mirrored Melbourne, two pieces-1000 images, Public Art Billboard Project, Victorian Ministry for the Arts


Everyday outlined, still life installation and growth paintings, Cite des Arts Open Studio,Pont Marie, Paris


The edge and everyday, paintings, drawings  and still life installation, Rue Giradon, Monmartre, Cite Das Arts, Paris, France


Installation and the everyday - spatial dialogues, with Gary Goldstein, Cite Des Arts Paris


Fractured Realism, Feminism, Cubism, and the Grid, Solo Studio Exhibition, Open Exhibition program


100 paintings from the everyday - and other materials, Pinacotheca, Melbourne


Fractured realism and coloured edges; Victorian Ministry for the Arts, Billboard, City Square, Melbourne (Two Pieces, 12ft x 20ft, painted on wood)

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