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Cross/ Room Installations


INAROOM. London, Manchester, Chicago - JDMF Gallery, Guangzhou, San Francisco

Cross Situations: Los Angeles, Cross, London, Chicago


my world my life, Melbourne, Australia


INAROOM. Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Hong Kong

Cross Situations#10 Twelve Locations, Barcelona


Cross Situations#8 Twelve Locations, San Francisco

Cross Situations#9 Twelve Locations, Los Angeles 


Cross Situations #2, Twelve locations, Frankfurt, Germany

Cross Situations #3, Twelve locations, Paris, France

Cross Situations #4 Twelve locations, London, Brighton, United Kingdom

Cross Situations #5 “‘Train Across’ the Interior of China”, China

Cross Situations #6 Twelve locations, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Israel

Cross Situations #7 Twelve locations, Sydney Australia


Cross Situations#1.Twelve Locations, Melbourne, Australia

2000 - 2003           

Cut it out it’s a wonderful world, Melbourne, Paris


2000 - 1990           

The Spiritual and The Everyday, Melbourne

1985- 1990            

Building Pictures; Ritz St Kilda, Majestic Studios, St Kilda, Melbourne

1985 -1976            

The cluttered Life: continuum. studio installations:

    Piles of Paris Pieces/ new compositions; Studio installations and paintings, Paris

    Pieces of the everyday 1976, 48 pieces; Still lives and paintings, Melbourne

    100 pieces 1977 - 1979, Maples Lane Studio, Pinacotheca, Melbourne


wall and canvas; used-masking tape and gridded canvas pieces, Prahran house, St Johns Street Prahran, Melbourne

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