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Back and Forth

by Wilma Tabacco, exhibition catalogue essay for The Tapestry of Light, 2018

'The prophetic visions of St. John, evocatively described in the biblical text Revelation/Apocalypse have, throughout centuries, inspired many artists and illustrators to produce visual representations of the textual narratives...' Read more 


Crossing the Line 3: Global Drawing

Studio International

Janet McKenzie, published 18/12/2015

'Florence was the venue for the third of the Crossing the Line conferences, which explore the role of the artist in society. It also included two exhibitions, one of contemporary Australian drawing and another of drawings gathered from around the world...' Read more

Crossing the Line 2: Drawing in the Middle East

Studio International

Janet McKenzie, published 06/10/2014


'Crossing the line was a conference that brought together specialists to examine the role of drawing in the Middle East with the aim of breaking down the cultural barriers to personal expression....' Read more


The Drawn Word

Studio International

book review, published 07/03/2014

'The drawn word is the product of a research project funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council networking grant that explored the relationship between writing, drawing and literacy. As such it is a collaborative publication between Studio International, the University of the Arts London (UAL) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT)...' Read more

Irene Barberis: Apocalypse/Revelation: Re Looking (Feminale: the edge of logic, intersecting luminosities)

Studio International

Dr Janet McKenzie, exhibition review, published 16/01/2013

'Irene Barberis has been inspired by and explored imagery for her art and research into the Book of the Apocalypse since 1984, exhibiting widely in Australia and abroad...' Read more

Portraiture in Focus: Irene Barberis, Anita Taylor and Helen Sturgess

Studio International

Dr Janet McKenzie, exhibition review, published 31/03/2013

To focus on the portrayal of the human form in the 21st century; specifically the portrait requires a traverse of multifarious philosophical shifts, and, of stylistic movements from the past 150 years....' read more


Edge of Logic, interview with Irene Barberis

Langford 120

by Virginia Fraser, for the exhibition Apocalypse Revelation: Re Looking, 2012

'A lot of the Biblical book of Revelation has gone into Irene Barberis and a lot has come out again. It has inflected her aesthetic and philosophical life for nearly thrity years and since the mid 1980s she has repeatedly visualised its images and structure in her own practice...' Read more

Fold out futures: Vol,1, Chicago project, Irene Barberis and Karen Forbes. Melbourne: RMIT Press, 2007

Studio International

book review, published 26/06/2008:

'Dr Irene Barberis teaches and researches at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. She has recently collaborated in Chicago with Professor Karen Forbes of Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) in developing Metasenta, a vital, compact arts research hub, which functions internationally between universities and the wider arts and business communities...' Read more 

Apocalypse in Pink: The Work of Irene Barberis

Studio International

published 26/03/2007


'The role of faith in society and in art has been addressed in numerous forms since the new millennium, yet it is by definition problematic...' Read more

Faithfully Female: The New Work of Irene Barberis

by Natalie King, for the exhibition Intersections: Reading the Space, at the Jewish Museum of Australia, Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, 2005

'Yielding, pliable, embroidered, draped, stretched, leaning, hanging, drooping. Irene Barberis' pink plastic sculptures rejoice in the minimal and conceptual art of the mid-twentieth century, in particular that of Eva Hesse and Sol LeWitt, while taking us on a spiritual high towards synthetic consumerism...' Read more

Seeing through the material

by Dr. Wilma Tabacco, for the exhibition #5 Plastique, at Helen Maxwell, Canberra, 2003

'Irene Barberis loves her plastic material. She becomes unashamedly out of control talking about the way its gaudy, iridescent colours can shimmer with beauty, the way its translucence can bathe viewer and environment in coloured light... Read more


Plastique: a coincident of mind and materials

by Anna Clabburn, for exhibitions Plastique, 2002

'Plastic is not something we often think of in an adjectival sense - that is, as a 'doing' word. In a cultural context, it is usually envisaged as a noun, most often associated with the ever-proliferating field of disposable gadgets molded in gauche colours and designed for singular purposes...' Read more

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