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Curated: Langford 120

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On Drawing, Invitational: Chinese University, in collaboration with Zurich University of the Arts, CUHK, Hong Kong

EDGE (40 Artists), Langford120,

Passage Gallery; Langford120 GCfD International Program: Carole Robb (NY/Rome), Sarah Duyshart (RCA, London), Louise Lee, (Hong Kong), Janet Passehl (USA)

Global Centre for Drawing Space: ‘…AND THEN…’ 14 International Artists, HK, Germany, USA, UK, Australia


Contemporary Australian Drawing #7 (100 Artists), Four Drawings: Barberis, Bradbeer, Southall, Tabacco, Langford 120      


Contemporary Australian Drawing #6: Spatial Kinetics: The body and memory, somatics, transformation and change, The Bury Art Museum,  Manchester, United Kingdom


Location, 32 International Artists, Dubai/Melbourne; Jam Jar Gallery, Dubai, Langford120, Melbourne

On Location, Rome Art Program, American University in Dubai


Five Places: A Metasenta Collaboration with Bury Art Museum, Tony Trehy

Portraiture in Focus

Drawing on Two Worlds: Embarkation, Janet McKenzie

Geometric Alijamia – a visual transliteration (Global Centre for Drawing)

Re the Body 1, Langford 120, Melbourne

Re the Body 2, Langford 120, Melbourne



Bartlett, Byrt, Dall’Ava, Langford 120, Melbourne

A selection from Crossing the Line: Drawing in the Middle East exhibition, Langford 120, Melbourne

Contemporary Australian Drawing #3, Langford 120, Melbourne



Lines of Thinking, Langford 120, Melbourne


Instigator and Co-Curator Museum Exhibitions



Contemporary Australian Drawing #5: Facsimiles, SACI Gallery, SACI, Florence

Global Drawing Audit #1: Five Countries, 36 students, 6 Regional Editors/Curators, SACI Institute, Florence, Italy



5 Places, Mike Parr and Irene Barberis, Bury Museum and Art Gallery, Bury, Manchester, UK



Across the Gulf, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi. 22 Artists from the Gulf, ARC International Biennale, Brisbane



20,000 Colours, The Artistic Genre, Four Generations of Women, Albury City Museum



Intersections – reading the space, Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne; San Francisco Jewish Museum, USA



Victoria University Gallery


1998 - 1999

Director/Curator: Victoria University Gallery

1997 Curator, Victoria University Gallery


Exhibitions curated and Installed by Irene Barberis, Victoria University Gallery:



Susan Hewitt and Fran Van Riemsdyke at Victoria University Gallery, Melbourne

Stereographics, John R. Neeson

Drawing, Central Park, New York, Mary Tonkin

Real Abstraction, Wilma Tabacco, Jan Murray, Robin Kingston, Craig Easton – guest curator Wilma Tabacco

Exposure: Artists Portraits of Artists; Warren Brenninger. In collaboration with Linden Gallery, St Kilda.

Exposure: Artists portraits of Artists (38 Artists) Linden Gallery, curated in collaboration with Anne Harris – Director Linden Gallery, St Kilda

Star Painting 1999 from the Apocalypse, Abstract and Figurative Elements: Irene Barberis

Melbourne’s Marvellous Tapestries, Gareth Sansom, Dale Hickey, Jimmy Pike, Ginger Riley, Victorian Tapestry Workshop at Victoria University Gallery



Notations – 40 Artists, Installation Irene Barberis

Victoria University, The Heart of the Machine: Loy Lichtman & Megan Evans

Complicity: A Theorem and it’s Corollary – Mark Stoner

Far Away, Guest Curator, Professor Jenny Zimmer

Verisimilitude: Godwin Bradbeer

Hidden and Revealed x 3, Adrian L. Page

Walk and Wave: Kevin Wilson and Nicole Vevoeden – Cash



Selections from the Victoria University Collection

Line of Thought – Victoria University (1996-1997): Authors

Paper Installation Piece, Line of Thought: Irene Barberis

Digital Landscapes, Barbara Grossman, Victoria University- Multi Media – Life, Dept. Electrical Engineering

Cuts, Installation, Wilma Tabacco and Irene Barberis

Notations – 40 Artists, Installation Irene Barberis


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