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LeWitt Studio/Barberis Publication October 21. Catalogue Essays; Janet Passehl: Curator LeWitt Collection, USA, Irene Barberis, Choreographing Colour, Aust.  


Irene Barberis Sol LeWitt Studios Project: Publication (Australia),media articles, interviews and catalogue essays (Rome, Italy)
England: Talking of Art, Contemporary Artists from England, Imagio Mundi Collection, Fabrica, Italy, 2020


Chromatopia: An illustrated History of Colour, Thames and Hudson, 2018, Australia


The Tapestry of Light Project:  articles, reviews, Newspaper articles ( 2017: Brussels news, online articles texts. Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury Festival news and Articles; Daily Telegraph, London, London Times, TV and radio interviews. 2019/20 Museum of the Bible, Washington DC;  articles, CNN news interviews, MOTB interviews, videos and texts, Apocalypse Conference, MOTB, Washington DC.


Barberis, I. 2016, Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination, with Michelle.P. Brown (UK), David E. Mainwaring (Aust) Margaret Manion (Aust), Alain Arnold ( Bel), J McKenzie, (UK), W Tabacco (Aust), Thames and Hudson, Melbourne, Australia


Symposium Paper: Crossing the Line#3: Global Drawing: Intersections in Firenze, Clayton Hubbs Lecture Hall (Palazzo dei Cartelloni), SACI Institute, Florence, Italy 
Elected International Director: Crossing the Line#3, Global Drawing, Firenze, Symposium SACI Institute, Florence, Italy.
International Critic and Faculty Lecture: Apocalypse and the Church (Lecture), Rome Art Program, Rome, Italy.
Master Drawing Workshop, SACI Institute, Florence Italy.

Barberis, I. 2014, 'A parallel paper: Blurring edges', in The Drawn Word: 'Even if I write my name I am drawing', Studio International and the Studio Trust, New York, NY, USA, pp. 106-111 ISBN: 9780983259954 
Barberis, I. 2014 Tapestry of Light: Intersections Across the Gulf, in Design Research Institute Publication, Designs on the Future, Urban Technology Nexus, Melbourne Books. ISBN9781922129536.
Barberis, I. Issue “Now Drawing…”,  6 invited International Writer/Artists  [Brett Littman [The Drawing Centre New York, Domenico de Clario – Australia, Jane Dyer - China, Janet McKenzie - Scotland, Stephen Farthing, UK, Marcelo Guimeres Lima, Brazil, Godwin Bradbeer, Australia], Guest Editor, Imprint Journal, Drawing Edition, June 2014; Article: pp.6, 8.
The Drawn Word: Even if I write my name I am drawing (chapter), studio International Publication/ University of the Arts London, RMIT University

Barberis, I 2012 What is a good drawing? Irene Barberis (response) in the Good Drawing, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK, pp.78 – 80. ISBN 9781908339010 
Barberis, I. 2012, Apocalypse /Revelation: Re Looking, RMIT with Metasenta Publications, Michelle P. Brown, David E. Mainwaring, Virginia Fraser, Bernard Muir. pp. 710 – 15 ISBN 9780987272447 
Barberis, I. 2013, Portraiture in Focus, & Drawing on Two Worlds: Embarkation. Anita Taylor, Irene Barberis, Helen Sturgess, Janet McKenzie, Sophia Errey, 
Chapter: Interstices: Personal musings on the portrait. Metasenta Small Book Publication 4, Hong Kong. Pp49 – 67 ISBN9780987272447
Crossing the Line: Drawing in the Middle East, Ed. J. McKenzie, I. Barberis, S. Farthing, M. Lima ( keynote address & 8 papers)
Tapestry of Light: Ed. J McKenzie, I. Barberis, D. Mainwarring, Michelle P. Brown, B. Muir

Apocalypse: Re Looking, Feminale and the edge of logic, Ed. J McKenzie
Good Drawing, Ed. S. Farthing, K Chorpening, Bright Series 7, University of the Arts London

Small Book Series: Heterachronia, Marcelo, Lima
The Death of Poetry, Tony Trehy, Publication

The Chicago Project; Fold- out Futures, Vol. 1&2, Ed. Dr. Irene Barberis, RMIT Publishing, Melbourne

Intersections: reading the space. Co-introduction and Artist Statement, Jewish Museum of Australia

Revelation Apocalypse. Introduction by Dr. Michelle Brown, Curator of Illuminated Manuscripts, The British Library, London, Text: Anna Clabburn, Suzi Gablick, Macmillan Art Publishing, Melbourne 


Metasenta Publications


Portraiture in Focus & Embarkation. Ed. J. McKenzie, Sophia Errey, Anita Taylor, Irene Barberis, Helen Sturgess, Janet McKenzie



Metasenta: a new Paradigm in Art Education© including Tibet: Moving Cultures, Collaboration, Macmillan/Metasenta Publication
Contemporary Australian Drawing #1, Collaboration, Palgrave Macmillan Publishing and Metasenta ® Pty. Ltd. 

Across the Gulf, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Au Ed. Dr Irene Barberis/ Keith Winter, Metasenta Publications, Melbourne – Hong Kong

Artist Documentaries / Metaview

Production & Co Direction; Dr Irene Barberis; Co Director & Editor Dr Shaun Wilson. Cinematography: Andre Liew Moving Cultures, Keith R Winter, Across the Gulf.


10 Artists, Drawing Documentaries, UAL reciprocal.

2011/ 2013 

New Series: Artists and Views. Gallery Langford120, The Global Centre for Drawing & Metaspace International Gallery Space, @  Langford120, Melbourne.


Tibet; Moving Cultures, Metaview, Metasenta Pty. Ltd® (2009/11) Photography Andre Liew, Edited by Dr Shaun Wilson, Produced by Dr Irene Barberis, Metasenta Pty. Ltd.

Across the Gulf, International Arc Biennale Brisbane 2009, Metaview, Metasenta Pty. Ltd® Photography Keith R Winter: Edited by Dr Shaun Wilson: Produced by Dr Irene Barberis, Metasenta Pty. Ltd.

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