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Born London, United Kingdom; resides Australia




2022                         Sol LeWitt Chester Studio, Chester, USA 

                                 Yale University (Research)

                                 Mahler LeWitt Studio, Spoleto, Italy 

                                 Sol LeWitt Studio, Praiano, Italy 

                               `Tashkeel, Dubai 

                                 British School in Rome 

2019                          Sol LeWitt Chester Studio, Chester, USA 

                                 Mahler LeWitt Studio, Spoleto, Italy 

                                 Sol LeWitt Studio, Praiano, Italy 

                                 British School in Rome, Italy 

2018                          Washington DC. New York, Rome, Florence, Hong Kong.

2017                          Brussels, London, Canterbury, Rome, Paris

2016                          Hong Kong, Brussels, Weilsbeke, Angers, Paris, London, Manchester

2015                          Hong Kong, Brussels, Rome, Florence, Weilsbeke, London.

2014                          Kerala, Southern India, London, Brussels, Rome, Hong Kong, Dubai, UAE.

2013                          Hong Kong, Rome, New York, Southern India.

2012                          London, Dubai, Rome, Hong Kong

2011                          New York, Manchester, London, Rome, Dubai.

2010                          Hong Kong, Guangzhou, London.

2009                          Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Hong Kong, Venice, Rome, Basel, Berlin, London, Guangzhou, China, Tibet. Zurich, Lucerne, London.

2008-09                     Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Bahrain, Dubai, London, Belfast, Ireland, Edinburgh, Manchester, Chicago, New Harmony, New York, Los Angeles.

2007                          Hong Kong, Guangzhou China, London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow, Manchester, United Kingdom. Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, USA

2006                          Research: Paris (residency), Barcelona, London, Hong Kong, Korea, Tokyo, Japan, Shanghai

2005                          Research, San Francisco, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris

2004                          Research / Installation. Paris, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong.

2003-04                     Residency, Cite Internationale des Arts

2001                          Doctor of Philosophy: Victoria University, Melbourne.

2000-96                     Candidate for Doctor of Philosophy, Victoria University, Melbourne

                                 Research Field Trip: New York, London, Oxford, Cambridge. Belgium, Paris, Chartres, Angers, Bourge, Le Man, Avignon, Ravenna, Venice, Perugia, Spoleto,                                                   Florence, Rome

1992-94                     Master of Fine Arts, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University

1979-82                     Keith and Elizabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship, Victorian College of the Arts, taken up in Paris, France.

1980 -1983                 Research, atelier installations; USA, Britain, Europe. 

1975-76                     Graduate Diploma of Art and Design, Preston Institute of Technology.

1974                          Study tour, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Edinburgh, Dusseldorf, Basel, Milan,

                                 Rome, Amsterdam (with Australian Artist Robert Hunter).

1972-73                     Diploma of Fine Art, Prahran College of Advanced Education.


2001                          Abstract and Figurative Elements of the Apocalypse and its Representations,

1996 - 01                   PhD. Victoria, University, Melbourne.
1994                          The Spiritual and the Mundane: Aspects of Scripture in the Modern World,

1992 - 94                   Master of Fine Art, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University
1978                          Breakdown of Space / Build up of Colour, 1978-79 VCA. PG. Dip. Melbourne University

INNOVATION 2005 – 2009 – 2017

Metasenta Pty. Ltd® Founder and Managing Executive Director: Dr Irene Barberis Founding Benefactor: Mr Po Chung: Founder; Po and Helen Chung Foundation, Hong Kong. Metasenta® is an international research satellite which links Universities and the wider Global Arts Community. The Metasenta Projects are instigated by Dr Irene Barberis and are in collaboration with International artists and Universities.

120 Langford Street: Gallery complex: Langford120 Directors: Dr Wilma Tabacco & Dr Irene Barberis

The Global Centre for Drawing: Director: Dr Irene Barberis

Metaspace International: Curatorial Space, Director: Dr Irene Barberis

Global Centre for Drawing; Founder and Director (formally the International Centre for Drawing RMIT)

Metasenta Publications; Founder and Publisher

Global Art Intensive and Education Series

The Tapestry of Light Project


2018-19                     Tapestry of Light, Museum of the Bible, Washington DC, I

                                 Two international Residencies, USA, Italy.

                                 Exhibition and Lecture SACI Gallery, New York, New York, USA  

2018                          Irene Barberis, Psychochoreography: A Confluence of Thinking; Adrian L Page & Irene Barberis (Curator), AbstractionTwentyEighteen, Irene Barberis & Wilma Tabacco,                                     Langford120,Melbourne, Australia

2017                          Tapestry of Light Project. Brussels Cathedral, Belgium, Canterbury Cathedral, United Kingdom

2016                          Contemporary Australian Drawing#6

2015                          Contemporary Australian Drawing #5m SACI Art Institute, Florence.

2014                          Lines of Thought #3, Crossforms x2, Langford120, Melbourne, Australia

                                  Apocalypse Re Looking/Tapestry of Light, installation, Visual Arts Centre, Latrobe University, Bendigo.

                                  Bower Bird:chairpouftablebagbookbinbottleblue, installation, Blue on Blue curated by Dr. Wilma Tabacco, Gallery Langford120, Melbourne, Australia

                                  Nature Mort. 'Dust 2012 - August18, 2014, Museum of Abject Sentimentality curated by Dr Philip Edwards, RMIT SOA Gallery, Melbourne.


2018                          'On Drawing’ Invitational: Chinese University, in collaboration with Zurich University of the Arts, CUHK, Hong Kong.

                                 'EDGE (40 Artists)', Langford120,

                                 Passage Gallery; Langford120 GCfD International Program: Carole Robb (NY/Rome), Sarah Duyshart (RCA, London), Louise Lee, (Hong Kong), Janet Passehl (USA)

                                 Global Centre for Drawing Space:

                                '...AND THEN…’ 14 International Artists, HK, Germany, USA, UK, Aust.

2017                          Contemporary Australian Drawing #7 (100 Artists), Four Drawings: Barberis, Bradbeer, Southall, Tabacco, Langford120

2016                          'Contemporary Australian Drawing #6: Spatial Kinetics: The body and memory, somatics, transformation and change', The Bury Art Museum, Manchester, UK

2015                          'Contemporary Australian Drawing#5: Facsimilies', SACI Gallery, SACI, Florence

                                 Global Drawing Audit#1: Five Countries, 36 students, 6 Regional Editors/Curators, SACI

                                 Institute, Florence, Italy

2014                          ‘Location’, 32 International Artists, Dubai/Melbourne; Jam Jar Gallery, Dubai, Langford120, Melbourne

                                 ‘On Location’, Rome Art Program, American University in Dubai

2013                          'Five Places', collaboration with Bury Museum, Bury, UK, Langford120, Melbourne

                                 'Thirteen', 17 Artists: [Australia 8, UK 4, USA 2, Hong Kong 3], Langford120, Melbourne, Australia.

                                 'Portraiture in Focus': Anita Taylor (UK) Irene Barberis (Australia) Helen Sturgess (UK), Janet McKenzie Langford120, Melbourne, Australia,

                                 'Contemporary Australian Drawing #4: Reading the Space', New York Studio School, Main Gallery, N Y, NY

                                 'Re the Body #1', Bernhard Sachs, Wendy Stavrianos, Todd Fuller, Carl Scriberras of Flatline Dance Co., Langford120, Melbourne, Australia.

2012                          'Re: The Body 2': An exploration of the body - any body, Irene Barberis, Sarina Lirosi, Amie Oliver, Elizabeth Presa, Langford120, Melbourne                                 

                                  Bartlett, Byrt, Dall’Ava, Langford120, Melbourne

                                 'A Selection from Crossing the Line#2': Drawing in the Middle East exhibition, Gallery

                                 'Contemporary Australian Drawing #', Langford120

2011                          'Lines Of Thinking', Langford120, Melbourne.


2022                           SolLeWitt/Irene Barberis, Volume 1. Author I. Barberis, Essays, Lucy R. Lippard, Janet Passehl, Metasenta Publications 

                                  The Black Sheep Murmurs by Louise Lee, texts by Irene Barberis and Godwin Bradbeer, printed in Hong Kong 

2021                           Choreographing Colour, essay 'The Studio as a Place of Communion' Janet Passehl, Curator/Director Sol LeWitt Collection USA. Metasenta Publications

                                  Reading the Space: Dancers on a plane (Studio music, Sol LeWitt Studio, Chester, USA)

                                 ‘Temps De Poisson’ (step/flight of the fish; a ballet step), essay Dr. Anne Scott Wilson, Metasenta Publications

2020                           England: Talking of Art, Contemporary Artists from England, L. Benetton, P. Holmes, F. Gavin, Imagio Mundi Collection, Fabrica, 2020, Italy

2016/19                     Barberis, I. 2016, Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination, with Michelle. P. Brown (UK), David E. Mainwaring (Aust) W Tabacco (Aust), J McKenzie (UK),                                                Museum of the Bible, USA

                                  Le Witt /Barberis Project, Ed J. Zimmer, Melbourne, Australia.

2018                          Chromatopia: An illustrated History of Colour, David Coles, Thames and Hudson, 2018, Australia

2017                          Tapestry of Light, I Barberis, Gesher, Vol. 5 No. 3 November 2017, Journal of The Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria) Inc.

2014                          Barberis, I. 2014, 'A parallel paper: Blurring edges', in The Drawn Word: 'Even if I write my name I am drawing', Studio International and the Studio Trust, New York,                                     NY, USA, pp. 106-111 ISBN 9780983259954

                                 Barberis, I. 2014 Tapestry of Light: Intersections Across the Gulf, in Design Research Institute Publication, Designs on the Future, Urban Technology Nexus, Melbourne                                   Books. ISBN 9781922129536

                                 Barberis, I. Issue “Now Drawing…”. 6 invited International Writer/Artists  [Brett Littman [The Drawing Centre New York, Domenico de Clario – Australia, Jane Dyer -                                       China, Janet McKenzie - Scotland, Stephen Farthing, UK, Marcelo Guimeres Lima, Brazil, Godwin Bradbeer, Australia], Guest Editor, Imprint Journal, Drawing Edition,                                      June 2014; Article: pp.6, 8.

2013                          Barberis, I. 2012 What is a good drawing? Irene Barberis (response) in the Good Drawing, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK, pp.78 – 80.                                                         ISBN 9781908339010

                                 Barberis, I. 2012, Apocalypse /Revelation: Re Looking, RMIT with Metasenta Publications, Michelle P. Brown, David E. Mainwaring, Virginia Fraser, Bernard Muir.                                           pp.710 – 15 ISBN 9780987272447

                                 Barberis, I. 2013, Portraiture in Focus, & Drawing on Two Worlds: Embarkation. Anita Taylor, Irene Barberis, Helen Sturgess, Janet McKenzie, Sophia Errey, Chapter:                                       Interstices: Personal musings on the portrait. Metasenta Small Book Publication #4, Hong Kong. Pp49 – 67 ISBN 9780987272447


2018-19                     Preparation research/International Residencies, USA / Italy

                                 Exhibition and lecture, SACI Gallery, New York City, New York, USA

                                 Preparation research/Lecture series and floor talks, Museum of the Bible, Washington, DC. USA

2017                          Keynote Address, Tapestry of Light Project, RMIT University, Melbourne (Tapestry of Light in Europe)

2016                          Symposium Paper: Crossing the Line#3: Global Drawing: Intersections in Firenze, Clayton Hubbs Lecture Hall (Palazzo dei Cartelloni), SACI Institute, Florence, Italy

                                 Elected International Director: Crossing the Line#3, Global Drawing, Firenze, Symposium SACI Institute, Florence, Italy.

                                 International Critic and Faculty Lecture: Apocalypse and the Church X2 (Lecture), Rome Art Program, Rome, Italy.

2015                          International Critic and Faculty Lecture: Apocalypse and the Church (Lecture), Rome Art Program, Rome, Italy.

                                 Master Drawing Workshop, SACI Institute, Florence Italy.

2014                          Artist Residency, Tasara Center, Southern India. Tapestry of Light weaving/thread research.

                                 Apocalypse: Re Looking (Lecture) Latrobe University, Bendigo/Midura link up, Bendigo Campus.

                                 Elected International Chair for the Crossing the Line #2: Drawing in the Middle East Conference. Editorial board for CTL#2

                                 International Critic and Faculty Lecture, Rome Art program, Rome

                                 Scholar’s residency, British School in Rome, Rome, Italy.

                                 Crossing the Line #2: Drawing in the Middle East; Paper; Location: Tracing the Lineage: Deconstructing the title, American University in Dubai.

                                 Master Drawing Workshop, American University in Dubai. United Arab Emirates

2013:                         Collaborative project: 5 Places #2, with Tony Trehy, Director, Bury Art Museum: Tony Trehy, Curator, Magnus Quaife (UK), Stephen Millar

                                 UK), Langford120, Melbourne, Australia

                                 Chair; Morning Session, Drawn Out Conference, RMIT/UAL. Melbourne, Australia

                                 Invitation: International Critic and International Faculty for the The Rome Art Program: The Apocalypse in Church Art in Rome, a focus on the Maria Maggiore Cathedral,

                                  and Maria Trastevere

                                 ‘Reading the Space’, Curator’s Paper for CAD#4, New York Studio School, New York New York.


2018                          On Drawing, collaboration Chinese University, Hong Kong, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland.

                                 RMIT University, Florence Global Intensive (11 students), Florence Italy.

2017                          Tapestry of Light Project, Brussels Cathedral, Belgium, Canterbury Cathedral, UK.

2016                          Tapestry of Light Project, Weilsbeke, Flanders Belgium (process works)

2015                          International Director/Chair, Crossing the Line#3, SACI, Florence, Italy (ten countries participating)

2014                          The Tapestry of Light; Lux, Lumen and Illumination: Dr I. Barberis, Professor D. Mainwarring, Emerita Professor M.P.  Brown, Professor B. Muir. Dr Janet McKenzie,                                       RMIT University, Melbourne/UK

                                 Crossing the Line: Drawing in the Middle East 2, International Conference and exhibition program Global Centre for Drawing, American University in Dubai.

2013                          The Art and Science of Illumination: Tapestry of Light; intersections across the gulf; CI, Dr. I. Barberis, Professor D. Mainwarring, Emerita Professor M. P. Brown,                                             Professor B. Muir. Artist Residency, Tasara Experimental Weaving, Sth. India

                                 The Global Centre for Drawing: Reading the Space: Contemporary Australian Drawing #2, New York Studio School, New York.

                                 Metasenta Publishing: Portraits in Focus, Sopha Errey, Anita Taylor, Irene Barberis, Helen Sturgess, Janet McKenzie. (Crossing the Line: Drawing in the Middle East

                                 (Exec. Ed. I Barberis. Ed. J Mckenzie), Tapestry Of Light, Executive Editor I Barberis. Editor. J. Mckenzie)

2012                          The Art and Science of Illumination: Tapestry of Light; Intersections Across the Gulf; CI, Dr I. Barberis, Professor D. Mainwarring, Professor M. Brown, Professor B. Muir.                                  (exhibitions, publication: Apocalypse: Re Looking)

                                  Metaspace International: Gallery, 120 Langford Street, Melbourne. Curator, Crossing the Line: Drawing n the Middle East, Australian component.

                                  The Global Centre for Drawing; The DrawingSpace, Melbourne; 120 Langford Street, Melbourne.

                                  Montana Group (formerly Artists in Leadership Project) Dialogue #2.

                                  Metasenta : a new Paradigm in Arts Education © Palgrave Macmillan/Metasenta Publication. 2011 (TBC)

                                  3 small Publications; Metasenta Publications, 2011/2012 (S. Farthing, T. Trehy, M. Lima)

                                  Contemporary Australian Drawing#1, Metasenta Commission, Palgrave Macmillan Publication; Author; Dr Janet McKenzie, contextualising essay, Dr Christopher                                            Heathcote, Coda Dr. Irene Barberis

2011                           International Chair, Crossing the Line: Drawing in the Middle East, International Drawing Conference. RMIT University collaboration American University in Dubai.

                                  Metaspace International: National and International Curatorial Gallery, 120 Langford Street, Melbourne.

                                  The Global Centre for Drawing; The DrawingSpace, Melbourne; 120 Langford Street, Melbourne.

                                  Montana Group (formerly Artists in Leadership Project) Dialogue 2.

                                  5 Places Project, Bury UK, Finland, Melbourne, Hong Kong.

                                  Curated “ 5 Places – Chinese Artists, Bury Museum and Art Gallery, Manchester, United Kingdom, in tandem with the Asia Triennial, Manchester2.

                                  Collaborative Drawing Project: Global Drawing: Irene Barberis & Stephen Farthing (in process).

                                  Metasenta: a new Paradigm in Arts education © Macmillan/Metasenta Publication. 2011

                                  5 small Publications; Metasenta Publications, 2011/2012

                                  Contemporary Australian Drawing, Macmillan/Metasenta Publication (in process) Metasenta Commissioned, Dr Irene Barberis; Author; Dr Janet McKenzie,                                                   contextualising essay, Christopher Heathcote

2010                           Metasenta Hong Kong: the DrawingSpace, Hong Kong, The Drawing Space, Dubai

                                  5 Places Collaboration: Irene Barberis & Tony Trehy; Bury, Melbourne, Hong Kong.

                                  International Centre for Drawing: Directors: Dr Irene Barberis, Melbourne; Professor Stephen Farthing, London: 3 exhibitions.

2009                           Across the Gulf, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

                                  Venice Agendas, 53rd Venice Bienniale, Wimbledon College of Art

                                  Moving Cultures: Intercultural Dialogue, Tibet-Guangzhou – Western Team/10 Eastern team/7.

                                  Across the Gulf: 22 Artists Collaboration with The 2009 Arc Biennale, Brisbane

                                  Across the Gulf 2009 – Publication Metasenta Publishing.

                                  Artists in Leadership – The Montana Group Lucerne Switzerland.

2008                           The Chicago Project, Chicago. Publication; The Chicago Project: Fold-out Futures, Volume 1+2

                                  RMIT Publishing, RMIT University, Edinburgh College of Art, Design Institute, RMIT, University

                                  Co -Project Leader, with Professor Karen Forbes, Head ECA Painting and Drawing, Edinburgh, Scotland.

                                  Moving Cultures: 2007 -2009. China, Australia, UK, Ireland, USA. (Twelve Universities, Four Associates)

                                  Global Cities Institute RMIT University. Western Project Leader, Eastern Project Leader, Prof. Isadora Jiang

                                  The Drawing Space, Melbourne, International and National Artists, Activating Dormant Spaces, The Design Institute, RMIT University. Instigator and Director: Dr Irene                                      Barberis

                                  The Centres Project, 2008-2009: Co Curator Irene Barberis and Steven Ball RMIT University, Central Saint Martins, The University of Arts, London.

                                  Across the Gulf: Bahrain, Dubai Abu Dhabi, Metasenta Projects, American University in Dubai.


2021                          #5 Sol LeWitt Studio (USA) | Irene Barberis: Choreographing Colour, Stephen McLaughlan
                                 Gallery, Melbourne (catalogues x 2)
2020                          #4 Irene Barberis: A Response to Sol LeWitt’s Italian Studios, curated by Milos Zahradka
                                 Maiorana, Tibaldi Contemporanea Gallery, Rome, Italy (handout essay)
2019                          #1 Studio Exhibition: Sol LeWitt Studio, Chester Connecticut, USA
                                 #2 A Response to Sol LeWitt’S Studio; Variations and Compositions, SACI Gallery, New York, USA.
                                 Solo exhibition: A 21st Century Apocalypse: Development exhibition. Curated by Amy Van
                                 Dyke and EM. Prof. Michelle. P. Brown, Museum of the Bible, Washington DC.USA
2019/2020                 (film/video catalogue x 2)
                                 The Tapestry of Light: A 21st Century Apocalypse, Curated by Amy Van Dyke and EM. Prof.
                                 Michelle. P. Brown Museum of the Bible, Washington DC.USA -2019 2020) (handout and digital handbook)
                                 #3 Senza cornice: in corso / Unframed: in progress, Mahler LeWitt Studios, Spoleto, Italy

2018                          Psychochoreography: a confluence of thinking, Langford120 Galleries 1,2,3 and Ellipsis Gallery, Langford120, Melbourne, Australia
                                 Who’s afraid..., with Wilma Tabacco, Ellipsis Gallery, Langford120, Melbourne
                                 Transitions, Gallery 2 and 3, Langford120 Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2017                          The Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination, Curators, Alain Arnould and Emerita
                                 Professor Michelle. P. Brown, Brussels Cathedral, Belgium (catalogue)
                                 The Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination, Curators, Jan Leandro and Em. Prof. Michelle P. Brown, Chapter House, Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, UK
2016                          Re Forming the Line: blow, cut, melt, Langford120 Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
                                 Reforming the Line in Illuminating Configurations, Curator Tony Trehy, The Bury Art Museum, Manchester, UK. (catalogue)

2018                           …and then… three works, Langford120, Melbourne

                                  Psychochoreography: a confluence of thinking, Irene Barberis & Adrian L Page (curator I Barberis), Langford120, Melbourne

                                  Who’s afraid…? /Wilma Tabacco, Ellipsis Gallery, Langford120, Melbourne

2017                           Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination, Brussels Cathedral, Belgium

                                  Tapestry Of Light: Intersections of Illumination, Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, UK

                                  Wall Drawing –Langford120, Melbourne

2016                           Re Forming the Line: blow, cut, melt, Langford120, Melbourne.

                                  Illuminating configurations, The Bury Art Museum, United Kingdom.

2015                           All I wanted was the cut space pinned to the wall, 
Langford120, Melbourne

                                  Vision du Ciel, Langford120, Melbourne

2014                           Lines of Thought #3

                                  Revelation /Apocalypse< Visual Arts Centre, Latrobe University, Bendigo Victoria

2013                           Possibility Drawings: Cut it out!  It’s a wonderful world, Exhibition, Thirteen, Langford120, Melbourne, Aust.

                                  Portraiture in Focus: a selection, Langford120, Melbourne, Australia

                                  Tapestry of Light Lux, Lumen and Illumination. Convergence exhibition, curator, Fleur Watson, RMIT Design Research Institute, RMIT, Melbourne Australia

                                  Silhouettes and coloured threads: Re the body #2: An exploration of the body – any body, Langford120, Melbourne, Australia

2012                           Apocalypse/ Re Looking 1996 – 2012. Langford120, Melbourne, Australia.

2011                           First Breath Last Breath’; Breathe, installation with Mike Parr, Bury Museum and Art Gallery, Manchester, UK.

                                  The Tapestry of Light; The Art & Science of Illumination and the Photon; an installation with Professor David Mainwaring, Gallery Tashkeel, Dubai & Sharjah UAE.

2009                           Apocalypse: Seven Histories in Futures, International Arc Biennale, Brisbane, 2009

                                  Apocalypse: Room of Light, SOAG RMIT University, Melbourne

                                  Writings on the Wall, Space Delawab, Belfast, Northern Ireland

                                  Writings on the Wall 2, DrawingSpace, Melbourne

                                  Tapestry of Light, Victorian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia

2008-                          Drawing Revelation – Slow Release and Pink Mesh Holes, Project Space, Down Time, RMIT, Melbourne.

                                  Installation: Rubber Constructions, JDMF. ECA Studio, Chicago, USA.

2007                           Lux In Tenebris Lucet: with Godwin Bradbeer, SOAG, RMIT University, Melbourne.

                                  20,000 Colours: The Artistic Gene; Four Generations of Women. Albury City Museum and Library, NSW.

2006                           room of breath, Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney

                                  breath; skin; light:  Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris

                                  splats : four foil dresses and a pink cross /END frieze - Atelier show, Cite Internationale des Arts.

  2005                         set of verbs/ visions and dreams, Square Gallery, RMIT City Campus Melbourne

                                  Barberis from Lewitt, Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney

 2004                          Lightlines; a Kinaesthetic Experience: reflections from the Frankston Public Art Project, in conjunction with

                                  Steve Wright, of Steensen Varming Pty. Ltd. Span Gallery, Melbourne

                                  Lineage of Light: Reading Wheels Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney

                                  Crosses Stars + Circles, Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland

                                  Don't Take my Breath Away # 6plastique: Salle 3A, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

                                  Cut it Out! It’s a Wonderful World, Salle B, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

                                  Line of thought #2, Atelier 8113, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris France.

2003                           #4 plastique: pink, Helen Maxwell Gallery, ACT

                                  #5plastique: specula, Span Galleries, Melbourne

2002                           Plastique. with S!X designers, Span Galleries, Melbourne

                                   Breath - Four Corners, Artists Commune, Contemporary Gallery, Hong Kong

2001                           October Paintings – 2001, compositional fragmentation / reflected everyday. Gallery Three, Span Galleries, Melbourne

                                   Breakdown of Space and the Build up of Colour 1978 – 2001, Built Pictures, SPAN Galleries, Melbourne.

2000                           Seven Exhibitions. Abstract and Figurative Elements of the Apocalypse and its Representations, Span Galleries, Melbourne.

                                  Gallery One: Abstract and Figurative Elements of the Apocalypse

                                  Gallery Two: Mosaics, Manuscripts, End Signs and Equations

                                  Gallery Three: Windows and Wood Cuts

                                  Gallery Four: Emblems and Allegories

                                  Gallery Five: Reading Revelation and Glow in the Dark Wall Drawing (taped work),

                                  Factory / Studio Space: A Polymerous Still Life; 2,000 sq. ft.

                                  Front Space: Info - Overflow + Aftermath.

                                  Apocalypse Circles, St. John's Southbank, Melbourne.

1999                           Star Painting, From the Apocalypse, Figurative and Abstract Elements, Victoria University Gallery, Melbourne.

                                  Saying it with Flowers, with Wilma Tabacco, RMIT Gallery, Storey Hall, Melbourne.

                                  Albury Regional Art Gallery, Albury, NSW The University Gallery, University of Tasmania, Launceston, Tasmania. Geelong Regional Art Gallery, Geelong, Victoria

                                  Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Ballarat, Victoria.

1998                           Saying it with Flowers (Wilma Tabacco), Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Adelaide.

                                  Apocalypse Circle Series, and Ten Black Flowers, Linden Gallery, Melbourne.

1997                           Red Horse / Revealed Geometry, Westpac Gallery, Melbourne

                                  Line of Thought, Victoria University, Victoria University Gallery

1996                           Charpentes, Latrobe Street Gallery, Melbourne.

1995                           Four Exhibitions, The Spiritual and the Mundane - Aspects of Scripture in the Modern World. Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.

                                  Space One: Symbols and Types, Heavenly Jerusalem, (wall drawing)

                                  Space Two: The Spiritual and the Mundane

                                  Space Three: Wheels Within Wheels.

                                  Space Four: Separated Gatherings.

                                  Transitional Installation: Micrography / Ten Pieces, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.

1992                           These Women - Where Honour's Due, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.

1991                           Recent Paintings, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.

                                  Geometer God, Luba Bilu – wall and window work, Melbourne.

1990                           2 No. Plans, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.

                                  Wall Drawing, Build a picture milk cartons, Room Four, Linden, St Kilda Arts Centre, Melbourne.

1988                           Miniatures, From The Douce Apocalypse, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.

1986                           Transitions; Angels lifting still lives into heaven – figurative and abstract constructions, United Artists,  Melbourne.

                                  Building Pictures: Ritz St Kilda – Majestic Studios, St Kilda.

1983-4                        Mirrored Melbourne, two pieces-1000 images, Public Art Billboard Project, Victorian Ministry for the Arts

1979                           100 paintings from the everyday and other materials, Pinacotheca, Melbourne.

1977                            Fractured realism and coloured edges; Victorian Ministry for the Arts, Billboard, City Square, Melbourne. (Two Pieces, 12ft x 20ft, painted on wood)


2007                           INAROOM. London, Manchester, Chicago JDMF Gallery, Guangzhou, San Francisco

                                  Cross Situations: Los Angeles, Cross, London, Chicago,

2006                           my world my life, Melbourne, Australia

2006-                          INAROOM. Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Hong Kong

                                  Cross Situations#10 Twelve Locations, Barcelona

2005                           Cross Situations#8 Twelve Locations, San Francisco

                                  Cross Situations#9 Twelve Locations, Los Angeles 

2004                           Cross Situations #2, Twelve locations, Frankfurt, Germany

                                  Cross Situations #3, Twelve locations, Paris, France

                                  Cross Situations #4 Twelve locations, London, Brighton, United Kingdom

                                  Cross Situations #5 “‘Train Across’ the Interior of China”, China

                                  Cross Situations #6 Twelve locations, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Israel

                                  Cross Situations #7 Twelve locations, Sydney Australia

2003                           Cross Situations#1.Twelve Locations, Melbourne, Australia

2000-03                       Cut it out it’s a wonderful world, Melbourne, Paris      

2000-90                       The Spiritual and The Everyday, Melbourne

1985-90                       Building Pictures; Ritz St Kilda, Majestic Studios, St Kilda, Melbourne

1985-76                       The cluttered Life: continuum. studio installations:

                                   Piles of Paris Pieces/ new compositions; Studio installations and paintings, Paris

                                   Pieces of the everyday 1976, 48 pieces; Still lives and paintings, Melbourne

                                  100 pieces 1977 - 1979, Maples Lane Studio, Pinacotheca, Melbourne

1974                            wall and canvas; used-masking tape and gridded canvas pieces, Prahran College house, Prahran, Melbourne


2013                           Intersections Across the Gulf; the Tapestry of Light

                                  Reading the Apocalypse: Reading the Church: two Roman Churches, Rome, June

2012                           Apocalypse: Re-looking

2006                           Converging Perceptions of Hospitality and the Apocalypse: Dr. Irene Barberis, Dr. Elizabeth Presa, St. Johns

                                  Lutheran Church, South Bank, Melbourne

2005                           Intersections - reading the space: San Francisco Jewish Museum, USA

                                  Intersections - reading the space, Irene Barberis, Parastou Forouhar, Jane Logemann, Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne (travelling)

                                  Metaspace, Gertrude Street Galleries, Studio 11, Irene Barberis / Parastou Forouhar (with performance piece and film), Melbourne, Australia

1998                           Saying it with Flowers, with Wilma Tabacco, RMIT Gallery, Storey Hall, Melbourne


2011                           INTERNATIONAL CHAIR: Crossing the Line: Drawing in the Middle East#1, intersections of transdisciplinary practice and understanding.  American University in Dubai

                                  Keynote 2011: Coda: Space of the Leap | Keynote as a Drawing

2013                           The Tapestry of Light:  Symposium, RMIT Design Research Institute, International speakers, Emerita Michelle P. Brown, Emeritus Professor Margaret Manion, and                                           Professor Davis Mainwarring

2014                            International Chair: Crossing the Line: Drawing in the Middle East #2, intersections of transdisciplinary practice and understanding.

                                   Paper: ‘Psychochoreography’: everyone has their own mark.

                                   American University in Dubai with The Global Centre for Drawing.


2021                            May Day Exhibition, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne

2019                            Pop and Beyond: Jim Dine, Sam Francis, Keith Haring, Robert Indiana, Robert Rauchenburg, Robert Motherwell, James Rosenquist, Andy Warhol, Sol LeWitt, Irene                                         Barberis, Curator Nancy Pinney: Chester Gallery, Chester, Connecticut, USA.

                                   XXV+ Celebrate, Curator Stephen Wickham, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

2018                            On Drawing, Curator: Prof. Tam Wai Ping, Guest Curators: Dr Irene Barberis (Australia), Prof. Dominique Lammli (Switzerland), (Chinese University, Hong Kong. 

                                  ...EDGE; 40 artists, Langford120, Melbourne

                                  AbstractionTwentyEighteen, Langford120, Melbourne

2017                           Chromatopia: A history of Colour, Tacit Gallery, Melbourne

                                  Contemporary Australian Drawing #7 + Four Drawings: Barberis, Bradbeer, Southall and Tabacco

                                  9x5 Now, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VCA, Melbourne University, Melbourne. 

2016                           Atrocities across my face: in solidarity, Mir Zehnen Do – We are here, Curated by Dr Helen Light, Glen Eira Art Centre, Melbourne

2015                           Psychochoreography; concentric wall drawing, 2014, Contemporary Australian Drawing#5: Facsimiles, SACI Gallery, Florence, Italy

2014                           Blue, Curator Wilma Tabacco, Gallery Langford120, Melbourne.             

2013                           Reading the Space: rainbow text, Contemporary Australian Drawing #4, New York Studio School, NY, USA

2013                           5 Places Project: Magnus Quiffe, Stephen Millar, UK Curator Tony Trehy/irene Barberis, Langford120, Melbourne

                                  Thirteen, Curator, Irene Barberis, Langford120, Melbourne

2012                           Non Objective, Curator, Steve Wickham, Langford120 Gallery, Melbourne.

                                  Contemporary Australian Drawing#2, University of the Arts, London.

2011                           Lines of thinking, Global Centre for Drawing, Langford120 (November 2011)

                                  Crossing the Line: Drawing in the Middle East; Intersections of understanding (November. 2011)

                                 100 Drawings, Black Arts @ Global centre for Drawing, Langford120 (November 2011)

2010                           Contemporary Australian Drawing 1, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

                                  Magnetic Islands, Project Space, RMIT University, Melbourne

                                  Speculum: Drawing Time: Metasenta Hong Kong, Hong Kong

                                  Speculum: Drawing Time, Barberis, Farthing, Lydiat, Trehy, The DrawingSpace (a Metasenta Project) American University in Dubai.

2009                           Tibet; Moving Cultures, The Art Space, Lhasa, Tibet

                                  Tibet; Moving Cultures, Orange Gallery, Guangzhou, China

                                  Interviews (sound): Venice Agendas, 53rd Venice Biennale, Venice, University of the Arts London

                                  Agency of Words, Text Festival, Bury Museum and Art Gallery, Manchester, UK.

2008                           Centres Project: Transcentric (Co Curator) Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London                                     

                                  Rolled up, Rolled Out: (Curator), SOAG, RMIT University, Melbourne

                                  Fast Forward, Seventh Gallery Melbourne, ECA space, Edinburgh

2007                           Fold out Futures Chicago Project, Chicago, USA

                                  Drawing 2007 - Biennial Fundraiser, London, United Kingdom

                                  Living Elvis, RMIT Storey Hall Gallery, RMIT University

                                  Small Tapestries, Victorian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia

2006                           skin + peel with Dr Elizabeth Presa, St Johns Lutheran Church, Southbank, Melbourne

                                  FLOAT, Project Space, RMIT, Melbourne

                                  Summer Show, Esa Jaske, Gallery Artists, Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney, NSW             

2005                           Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize (finalist), Bendigo Regional Gallery, Victoria

                                  Expiration: Project Space, RMIT University, Melbourne

                                  Group Show; Selections from Sol Le Witt Personal Collection, Le Witt Gallery, Suffield Academy, Connecticut, USA

2004                           Group Show / Span Galleries for Melbourne Art Fair 

                                  Precious Platters, Australian Jewish Museum, Melbourne

                                  White Tube, White Tube Gallery, Hong Kong

                                  Fluoresce, Area Gallery, Melbourne

2003                           Return Nature:  Pastoral. Nanjing, Shenghua Arts Centre, China

                                  Gallery Artists- Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2001                           Colour, curated by Professor Jenny Zimmer, Smyrnios Gallery, Melbourne

                                   A Studio in Paris. S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney, NSW (travelling to Paris, France)

                                   Death and Decoration; Glen Eira City Gallery, Melbourne University of Tasmania, Launceston University Gallery, Tasmania; Mildura Art Centre, (2001-2002)

                                   Country Arts, South Australian tour.

                                   We are Australian, Canberra Museum and Art Gallery, Canberra, ACT. Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Tasmania. Glen Eira Art Gallery, Melbourne

2000                            Death and Decoration, Plimsol Gallery, University of Tasmania, Tasmania

                                   We Are Australian, Volvo Gallery, Sydney; venues Australia wide, Regional, Commercial Galleries

                                   Seventh Melbourne Art Fair 2000, SPAN Galleries Stand, Royal Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne, Victoria

1999                            Exposure - Artists Portraits of Artists, Linden Gallery, Melbourne

                                   Paper Works: Australian Artists, National University, Seoul University, Korea

                                   Overview, Linden Gallery Melbourne

1998                            Web, Warp, Weft, Woof, Manningham Gallery, Melbourne

                                   Nature-Traditional and Contemporary Visions; Gympie Regional Gallery, Queensland

1997                            Invitee, The 1997 John McCaughey Memorial Art Prize, National Gallery of Victoria

                                   Latrobe Artists; Group Exhibition, Latrobe Street Gallery , Melbourne

                                   Notations - 40 Artists, Victoria University Gallery, Melbourne

                                   Cuts Irene Barberis and Wilma Tabacco, Victoria University Gallery, Melbourne

                                   The Embellished Egg, Mornington Peninsular Regional Art Gallery, Victoria

                                   The Wandering Jew, Myth and Metaphor; Benalla Art Gallery, Benalla, Victoria, Horsham Art Gallery,

                                   Migration Museum, Adelaide South Australia, Shepparton Regional Art Gallery, Victoria

1996                            The Wandering Jew; Myth and Metaphor, Australian Jewish Museum, Melbourne, Warrnambool Art Gallery,

                                   Vic, Noosa Regional Gallery, Qld, Albury Arts Centre, NSW

                                   The Art of Collecting #2, Linden Gallery, Melbourne

                                   Mono Prints, selection of gallery artists, Latrobe Street Galleries, Melbourne

1995                            Best Face Value for Autumn, Woolongong City Art Gallery, NSW

                                   '9 x 5' Invitation Exhibition, Robert Lindsey Gallery, Melbourne

                                    Selections from the State Galleries, S.B.S. Building, Sydney, NSW

                                    The Wandering Jew: Myth and Metaphor, The Australian Jewish Museum, Melbourne

1994                             Unpeeled Art (painting and Installation), Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Ballarat, Victoria

                                    An Increase in Assets, Acquisitions over the Last Five Years, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Victoria

                                    Love and Ruin, St. Kilda Town Hall, Melbourne

                                    Girls Own, Boys Own - Football Exposure, Linden Art Gallery, Melbourne

                                    Who's Who and Who's Hot, Kirkaldy Davies Gallery, Melbourne

1993-94                        Arrangement, Australian Still Life 1973 - 1993, Museum of Modern Art at Heidi, Melbourne

1993                             One Flesh - Two, collaboration with Adrian Page, Launceston Museum and Art Gallery, Tasmania

                                    Vitae: A.I.P. #7', Fifth Sculpture Triennial, RMIT Faculty Gallery, Melbourne

1992                             Food in Art, Gallery at Tolarno, Melbourne

                                    Third Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Luba Bilu Stand, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

                                    Conrad Jupiters Art Prize, Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Qld

                                    Inherited Absolute, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne

                                    Review 1992, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne

                                    One Flesh - One, collaboration with Adrian Page, Gallery at Tolarno, Melbourne

1991                             Freedom of Choice, Heidi Park and Art Gallery, Melbourne

                                    Recent Lithographs, Muka Studios, Auckland, New Zealand

                                    Mandorla Prize Exhibition, New Norcia, Western Australia

                                    St Kilda Scapes, Council Chambers, City of St Kilda, Melbourne

                                    Review 1991, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne

                                    Youth Prints, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, New Zealand, Sydney, Melbourne

1990                            100 Artists Against Animal Experimentation, Deutcher Galleries, Melbourne

                                    Between the Lines, an installation publication, No 2, The Lounge, Melbourne

1989                             Artists, Trees and Toys, Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, Melbourne

                                    Mandorla Prize Exhibition, New Norcia, Western Australia

1988-89.                       Images of Religion in Australian Art, Murdoch Court, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

1988                             Two Australian Artists / Cultural Exchange, Pun Yu, China

                                    Two Australian Artists / Cultural Exchange, Guangzhou, China 

                                    First Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Luba Bilu stand, Royal Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne

1987                             United Artists at Mori Galleries, Mori Galleries, Sydney, NSW

                                    Young Australians, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

                                    Portia Geach Portrait Prize Exhibition, Blaxland Gallery, Sydney, NSW

1985                             6 Drawing, Tasmania School of Art Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania

1984                             Spring Festival of Drawing, Mornington Peninsula Arts Centre, Victoria

1983                             Figures and Faces Drawn from Life, Heidi Park and Art Gallery

                                    New Art Selections from the Michelle Endowment, Victorian National Gallery, Banyule Gallery, Melbourne

                                    Group Exhibition, members of the Cite' Internationale des Arts, Cite' Internationale des Arte, Paris, France

1982                             Placed; from the everyday Installation, collaboration with Gary Goldstein (Israel) Studio 111, Paris France

                                    Preston to Phillip, A survey, Reconnaissance Gallery, Melbourne

                                    Group Exhibition, "many many things”, Cite' Internationale des Arte, Paris, France

1979                             Still Life Still Lives, “48 pieces, beauty and detritus”  -Glenfiddich Company, Sydney Opera House, NSW

                                    Ballarat Regional Fine Art Gallery, Victoria.

                                    Keith and Elizabeth Travelling Fellowship Exhibition, Victorian College of the Arts Gallery, Melbourne.

1978                             Graduate Exhibition, Victorian College of the Arts Gallery, Melbourne.

                                    Eight Women Realists, Victorian College of the Arts Gallery, Melbourne, Coventry Gallery Sydney, NSW

                                    Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Qld.

1976                             Drawing, Some Definitions, Ewing and George Paton Galleries, Melbourne University,

                                    Melbourne, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Queensland.


2009                            International Public Art Award, Bury City Centre, “ Three in One –the Rock Project” Manchester, UK (not taken up)

                                   RMIT University, Design Research Institute Grant: Tapestry of Light: history into Futures Funding; Metasenta Pty. Ltd®

2008-                           Funding: Metasenta Projects, RMIT University

2007                            ‘City Centre’, Shortlisted for International Public Art Project. Bury City Centre Manchester, United Kingdom

2006                             Museums Australia, Jewish Museum – Honourable Mention for Intersections – Reading the Space.

2006                             Frankston “new circular lighting Project”

2005-                            Frankston Bayside, new glass Sculpture work "Ellipse"

                                    Finalist, Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize. Bendigo Art Gallery, Australia

2004                             Frankston Commission, Eight Works – A Kinaesthetic Experience”, major sculptural work, Pivot

2003                             Arts Victoria, New Work Development Grant

                                    Selection- finalist, Docklands Lighting Project, ARM architects (5 shortlist)

2002                             Lighting Project, Geelong Arts Precinct, with Brecknock Consulting

1999                             Victoria University Postgraduate Research Fellowship Australian Postgraduate Award, H.E.C.S Scholarship

1998                             Victoria University Postgraduate Research Scholarship

                                    Australian Postgraduate Award, H.E.C.S Scholarship

                                    Airfare and Travel Grant, Victoria University

                                    Nets Victoria, Exhibition Development Fund Grant, Saying it with Flowers

1997                             Victoria University Postgraduate Research Scholarship

                                    Australian Postgraduate Award, H.E.C.S. Scholarship

                                    Invitee, The 1997 John McCaughey Memorial Art Prize, National Gallery of Victoria

1996                             Australian Postgraduate Award, H.E.C.S. Scholarship  

1995                             Five Soft Sculptures, Art in Public Spaces, Melbourne City Council

                                    Prepared Table, Lowther Hall, Anglican Girls Grammar School, Melbourne

                                    Architect / Artist collaboration, Maggie Edmond (Edmond and Corrigan) - presentation only - The Women's Building, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

                                    Boxes, (design) Tokyo, Japan, Melbourne.

                                    Daniel Joles, portrait commission, Melbourne

                                    Visual Production, Bart mitzvah, Mount Scopus, College, Melbourne

                                    Noel Counihan, Portrait purchase, Albury Regional Gallery, NS Senior Lecturer, Painting, RMIT Offshore program, Hong Kong x2W

1994                             Artist in Residence, Charles Sturt University, Albury, NSW

                                    Esther; Concept and visual production collaboration with Alida Chase, (former member of the Australian

                                    Ballet Company, Netherlands Dance Theatre, Frankfurt Ballet Company)

                                    Master of Fine Art: The Spiritual and the Mundane, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University

1993                             H.E.C.S. Scholarship, Master of Fine Art, V.C.A. Melbourne University

                                    Drina; A Modern Dance Piece, collaboration with Alida Chase, Studio 1. Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne

                                    Rubies and Carbuncles, a modern dance piece, collaboration with Alida Chase, Greenmill Choreographic project, Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne

1992                             H.E.C.S. Scholarship, Master of Fine Art, V.C.A. Melbourne University, Melbourne

1991                             Australia Council, Visual Arts / Craft Board, Artists Development Grant

                                    Artist in Residence, (Lithographic), Muka Studios, Auckland, New Zealand

                                    Prismatic Still Life (painting), Prism Paints, Melbourne

                                    Eight Banners, collaboration with Elizabeth Gower, Melbourne Cricket Club, Great Southern Stand Arts

                                    Commissions, architect, Daryl Jackson, Melbourne

1990                             Maggie and Mathew, portrait commission, Edmond and Corrigan

                                     Artist in Residence, Mount Scopus College, Melbourne

                                     Artist in Residence, Victoria College, Ceramic Department, Melbourne

                                     Beltshazzar, costume drawing for Peter Corrigan, Theatre Works, Melbourne

1989                              Children's Workshops, (invitation) Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne

                                     Dr. Henry Kranz, portrait commission

                                     Visual Production, Richmond A.O.G. Theatre Production, Melbourne

1989                              Playbox Panel Painting, Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne

1988                              Artist in Residence, (Kyneton), - not taken, Victoria

                                     8' X 28', Factory work, commission for John Sands Collection, Melbourne

1987                             Visual production, Cultural Exchange, Pun Yu Province and Guangzou, China

1986                             Andrew Barton, Portrait commission, Victoria

1985                             Artist in Residence, Melbourne Boys Grammar, Melbourne

                                    Sybil Craig, Selected Drawing Prize, Mornington Peninsular Art Centre, Vic

1984                             Two Billboards, Victoria's 150th Anniversary, Victorian Ministry for the Arts Melbourne

1982                             Portraits, commissions for subjects of Paris and Britain

                                    Blue Print, blueprint for the British Embassy Church mural, Paris, France

                                    Accepted for Master of Fine Arts, Chicago Institute of Art, Chicago, USA

                                    Scholastic scholarship, value $6,000 USA (not taken up), Chicago Institute of Art. USA

1981                             Sculpture Studio, six month residency, Cite' Internationale des Arte, Montmartre, Paris, France

1980                             Dyson Grant, Art Gallery of NSW Sydney, NSW

1979                             Glenfiddich Painting Acquisition, Sydney Opera House, NSW

                                    Australia Council, Visual Arts Board Project Grant

                                    Keith and Elizabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne

1979                             Power Studio, Residency, Cite' Internationale des Artes, Paris, France, Sydney, University,

                                    Australia Council, Visual Arts Board Residency, Vence, France

1978                             N.S. Eckersley Scholarship, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne

1977                             Fractured and Cluttered – 12ftX 18 ft: Art in the Streets Project, Six Artists, Selected for installation

                                    City Square, Ministry for the Arts, Melbourne

1976                             Glimpses, Visual Design, collaboration with Claire Robertson, Graeme Murphy, Australian Ballet Company, Melbourne

                                    Glimpses, Visual Design, collaboration with Claire Robertson, Sydney Dance Company, NSW


2011                            ‘5 Places’, Mike Parr and Irene Barberis, Bury Museum and Art Gallery, Bury, Manchester, UK.

2009                            ‘Across the Gulf”, 22 Artists from the Gulf, ARC International Biennale Brisbane.

2007                            20,000 Colours, The Artistic Gene, Four Generations of Women, Albury City Museum

2005-6                         Intersections - reading the space, Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne, Australia.

                                   Jewish Museum, San Francisco, USA


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